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This exhibition gives us the opportunity to dream about a crossroads of civilizations, in the heart of Central Asia, in Uzbekistan, where the names of Samarkand and Bukhara resonate. But many other commercial oases in this country have revealed works that are now classified as World Heritage sites.

World Heritage Site.

A large selection of these masterpieces, which have never left the country and have been specially restored, are presented in this exhibition, such as the monumental wall paintings of the ambassadors’ palace in Samarkand and its region, pages from one of the oldest monumental Korans from the beginning of Islam from Katta Langar, in Sogdiana, and other treasures in gold from Bactria (Dalverzintep), in silver, in silk, in ceramics. It is also an opportunity to admire some masterpieces of the famous 16th-century Bukhara school of miniature painting.



The Centre Georges Pompidou is holding a retrospective exhibition devoted to Gérard Garouste, one of the most important contemporary French painters, born in 1946, who is a figurationist without concession.

Gérard Garouste was a student at the Beaux-arts de Paris at the end of the 1960s, and his reading of Marcel Duchamp’s interviews with Pierre Cabanne prompted him to defy the ban on painting at a time when conceptual practices were the order of the day.

Thus, he became a painter, in the most traditional sense of the term, focusing on technique, which he never ceased to perfect, by observing the masters in the Louvre: Poussin, El Greco, Tintoretto…

In the 1980s, he began to create large paintings under the sign of Greek mythology, to which he superimposed his personal mythology around the figures of the Classic, the Indian, the Apollonian and the Dionysian, which, according to him, is in all of us.



On their heads, on their backs, on their shoulders, at arm’s length or close to them, for centuries they have carried children, transported wood, water, food, bricks or mountains of cotton.

Follow them through this exhibition, which reveals the spectacular burdens they carry.

American photographer Lekha Singh pays tribute to the women of the world.

Each in their own way, women carry a part of the world. It is time to bring them into the spotlight, and this is what the American photographer does so brilliantly.

On the tracks of the fields, the roads of the markets, the paths of the villages or the tumult of the cities, you will follow sportswomen, mothers, doyennes with ankles cracked by the heat of the day or teenagers who put their nascent strengths to the test.



Like a taste of the holidays, every year for 20 years (and yes Paris-Plage is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year), the arrival of Paris Plage is the iconic event of the Parisian summer.
For this new edition, the activities are concentrated on the two historic sites of the capital, the quays of the Seine from the Pont des Arts to the Pont de Sully and on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette.
To blow out its candles with us, the City of Paris has gone all out. From July 9 to August 21, many summer activities take over the capital.



The 126th Rolland Garros French Tennis Tournament will start on Sunday May 22, 2022.
Since 2006, Rolland Garros has traditionally opened on a Sunday with single matches over the first three days. Then the double matches will take place from Wednesday May 25, 2022 and the double mixes on Friday May 27, 2022.
In total, the competition brings together 128 players, 64 double teams and 32 mixed teams.
The men’s final will take place on Saturday June 4th and the women’s final is scheduled for Saturday June 12th.



La Villette presents “Pop Air”, produced in collaboration with the Ballon Museum in Rome.
After “Beyond the Limits” in 2018, a monumental exhibition by the Japanese collective teamLab, La Villette returns to an immersive and playful art project.



Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) is an architect and creator of genius, who left his mark on Spain at the turn of the 20th century.

For the first time in fifty years in France, and at the Musée d’Orsay, a large-scale exhibition is dedicated to this master of Art Nouveau.

In an immersive museography, it will show the spectacular creations of this singular artist, notably presenting sets of furniture never exhibited in France.